Imaging Studies

Diagnostic Ultrasound
We use a Samsung RS85 and a Toshiba Aplio 500 for our ultrasound studies. Ultrasound machines use ultrahigh frequency sound waves transmitted into the body allowing visualization of normal and abnormal tissue. The high frequency sound waves do no harm to the body tissues, and cause no pain to your pet. We offer diagnostic ultrasound of the abdomen, thorax, heart, and musculoskeletal system. See the ultrasound video below for more.  

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates or biopsy
A fine needle aspirate is when a very small, hallow needle is inserted into abnormal tissue, in which a small sample of cells accumulate. The sample is then transferred to small slides that are set in stain for review under a microscope. 

A tru-cut biopsy is similar to a fine needle aspirate, but it is a procedure in which a sample of tissue is collected with a large gauged needle. The sample of tissue is then preserved to send to a lab for histopathology review. 

CT (Computed Tomography)

We use a Toshiba Aquillion 16 slice CT scanner for our CT studies. CT is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the extent of a disease and provide valuable information in pre-surgical planning. With cross-section radiographic imaging of the body, CT evaluates conditions involving the central nervous system, vertebral column, nasal passages, extremities, and body cavities. See the Computed Tomography video posted below for more.

Digital Radiography
Similar to old fashion film x-rays, digital radiography is the use of radiation to create an image, but is then captured in a digital format rather than an old fashion film.

OFA Certification Exams 

Our board certified radiologist is able to provide many of the exams for OFA certifications. You can find the necessary forms online at OFA Certification Forms

As of 10/01/2020, OFA has changed the requirements regarding OFA Echocardiograms. We will no longer be providing this specific OFA service.

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