Teleconsultation Services

At IEVI we offer radiology teleconsulation via Asteris Keystone Community for veterinary clinics throughout the inland northwest and beyond.  With a small, localized team of board certified radiologists we are able to provide an extra level of personalized service for our referring veterinaries. Our office in Spokane, WA makes it easy for our referral partners to contact our radiologists directly giving them peace of mind when treating their patients. If your clinic is interested in using our services, please call our office to speak with our manager, Mary Vawter, and she will be happy to help your clinic get set up and answer any questions you may have. 

Our radiologists offer interpretation of radiograph, ultrasound, and CT images.

When submitting ultrasounds for teleconsultation, we recommend utilizing the following form during the ultrasound exam and including it with your submission: findings sheet

Getting set up with Keystone Community

1. Follow this link and create an account:

2. That's it! Your clinic is ready to send images for consultation. You can access Keystone from any web browser, on any device. You can also monitor the status of your submission and access all your past reports from this platform. 

3. Be sure to bookmark that page after login for easy access. 

A quick training video can be found below. 

Already using our teleconsultation services via Keystone Community?

1. Follow this link below and log in as you normally would on the desktop version. You can now access Keystone from any web browser, on any device.

This new version of Keystone makes it easier for you to send images and view our completed reports, all in one place!

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