Imaging Studies

Diagnostic Ultrasound
Diagnostic ultrasound is ultrahigh frequency sound waves transmitted into the body allowing visualization of normal and abnormal tissue. The high frequency sound waves do no harm to the body tissues, and cause no pain to your pet. See the video below for more information. See the Ultrasound Study video post below. 

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates or biopsy
A fine needle aspirate is when a very small, hallow needle is inserted into abnormal tissue, in which a small sample of cells accumulate. The sample is then transferred to small slides that are set in stain for review under a microscope.

A tru-cut biopsy is similar to a fine needle aspirate, but it is a procedure in which a sample of tissue is collected with a large gauged needle. The sample of tissue is then preserved to send to a lab for histopathology review.

Computed Tomography
A CT Scan is like a 3D radiograph (x-ray). It is cross sectional radiographic imaging of the body. See the Computed Tomography video posted below.

Digital Radiography
Similar to old fashion x-rays, digital radiography is the use of radiation to create an image, but is then captured in a digital format rather than an old fashion film. 

AKC Certification Exams: hips/elbow/echocardiograms

Our board certified radiologist is able to proved exams necessary for AKC certifications. You can find the necessary forms online at

We will always have hard copies of the AKC forms for you in our office.

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